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What is Home Biogas System?

Home Biogas System is a household system which converts food leftovers and animal manure into biogas that can be used for cooking, as well as natural, liquid fertilizer for the garden.

Who is Home Biogas System for?

Home Biogas System is compatible with both rural and urban lifestyles. The system is ideal for families who live in a warm climate area in a detached or a semi-detached home with a garden.

How much biogas is produced?

Home Biogas System produces 2-3 hours of cooking gas each day – the perfect amount for three meals.

Does Home Biogas System come with a warranty?

Yes. Home Biogas System comes with a 12 month limited parts and materials warranty.


How much waste can I feed each day?

You can input up to 6 liters of food waste or up to 18 liters of animal manure into the system each day.
Home Biogas System can accept all food, including meat, fish, oil and fats.

How much gas can I produce?

Every liter of food waste produces about 200 liters of gas, the amount needed to cooking for one hour over a high flame. On average, Home Biogas System produces up to 2 hours of cooking gas each day – the perfect amount for a family!

For how long does a gas burner and barbecue grill run on a full Home Biogas System tank?

A full Home Biogas System tank can fuel a one-blade barbecue grill for 45 minutes, and can fuel a typical stove burner for about two hours.

How is the biogas stored?

The system can store up to 500 liters of Biogas at any given time indefinitely. The Biogas will remain in the Digester Tank until used.

Is the Biogas production continuous?

Yes! Home Biogas System converts waste to Biogas all the time, 24/7.

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Can I connect Home Biogas System to the existing appliances in my house?

Yes, you can connect Home Biogas System to an existing appliance. However, conventional gas stoves are not built for biogas, so you may need to convert it to work on biogas.

How do I convert my stove into a biogas stove?

You have to take out the pressure reducing nozzle (contact us for more details).

Does it smell?

There is a filter installed in the system to eliminate any unpleasant odors. We guarantee that the product piped into your kitchen is clean, safe, and smell free.

The system itself is designed with a weighted sink cover, making a closed system. This means that odors are contained inside the system and unlike with composting, no pests are attracted.

Can I fill Home Biogas System with grey water?

Yes. The system is grey water compatible


Do I need electricity to operate Home Biogas System?

No. The system is 100% off-grid.

How long after putting organic waste into Home Biogas System will it produce gas?

After installation, Home Biogas System may take between 2-4 weeks to produce gas.

What can I feed the system?

The system thrives on food leftovers such as rice, cheese, meat, cooking oil, vegetable peels, fruit and any other food waste. Avoid feeding large quantities of citrus fruit skin since it contains anti-bacterial oil which could reduce the effectiveness of the digestion.

What happens if I don't feed the system for a while?

The system will digest all the waste inside the tank then stop producing gas.
Once you get back to feeding the system it will return to continuous biogas production.


How safe is Home Biogas System?

Home Biogas System is not only safe, it is safer than LPG and propane!
In order to remind in a liquefied state in storage, LPG must be kept under high-pressure conditions. This poses a greater risk of explosion when in the vicinity of an ignition source. Home Biogas System, on the other hand, purposefully stores the gas in a soft case, at a low pressure, which prevents explosion.

How safe is Biogas?

Biogas is made up of small molecules which are lighter than air. When released into the surrounding environment, the biogas loses its ability to ignite and will quickly diffuse upwards, leaving the premise immediately.
On the contrary, LPG and Propane sink to the ground, increasing the risk of toxic levels of exposure.

What safety regulations has Home Biogas System passed?

Home Biogas System has taken every precaution necessary to ensure that our system meets all safety standards.


What type of maintenance is involved with Home Biogas System?

We recommend maintaining your Home Biogas System unit periodically by:

  1. Replacing its gas filter once a year. The gas filter removes the hydrogen sulfide from the biogas.
  2. Removing the sludge that accumulates at the bottom of the digestion tank. This should be removed once every three years. Once the sludge is removed, it can be applied directly to your garden as fertilizer or used to wet your compost heap.