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Become a Biogas Distributor!

Are you Looking to promote Sustainable Housing Products?

We are looking for established companies with the necessary resources and a proven track record in the following fields: inventory management; financial ability to order stock; warehouse or other designated space to hold stock, and experience in marketing, sales, and customer support.

HomeBiogas Distributor Prerequisites:

All Arojintech Home Biogas System distributors are required to:

  1. Establish a local demonstration sight with two systems. Systems must be fully constructed and operating, and a certified Arojintech technician must be in charge of overseeing the demo.
  2. Purchase a minimum order of 24 units (2 pallets).
  3. Complete a Arojintech Biogas certified technician training course (at Arojintech facilities or on site).

If you wish to promote Sustainable Housing Products in your region, but your operation is not yet at the business capacity described above, you can resell the Home Biogas System. We recommend buying a system first. Having your own system will increase your ability to understand it, promote it, physically show it, and therefore increase the chances of reselling it.

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